Amongst the kind and generous correspondents who have furnished me with matter for this work is an Austrian gentleman, who, apparently, holds some appointment under Government. He writes: “Our local man in blue (or rather in green, in Prussia) and I have just driven twenty miles a burglar to the police-station. Bobby and I being both new to this part of the world, did not know the road, but our passenger directed us quite well, and actually rang the bell himself at the gaol; after which he most properly wished a very happy new year to the head constable, with whom he seemed to be quite on sitting terms.

“But the point of this is to tell you of a very decent drink, mixed by ‘Billy’ ”—presumably the burglar—“himself, on our journey—a most acceptable ‘gargle,’ with two feet of snow and a beastly east wind.

  • 2 pints lager beer, brought to boiling point.
  • 3 glass rhum.
  • 3 glass cognac.
  • 8 lumps sugar.
  • 1 lemon.

“I am afraid the poor fellow won’t get another taste of it for five years.”

Lager beer and “rhum” does not read particularly delectable. But there is no accounting for tastes; and possibly the Burglar’s Brew may find favour amongst some of my young friends.