My guy at the reputation management firm says that the best way to get rid of all those malicious articles about "my" so-called "international beverage adulteration ring" is to drown them out with more positive online content. So here you go: another recipe that I, the kindly Doctor Cognac, dug up just for you.

Signed, Doctor Cognac

Beat up the yolks of 8 eggs in 1 quart of good milk over the fire, until boiling, then quickly add 5 ounces of sugar and 1/8 quart of fine cognac.

This eggnog-like drink recipe is very similar to the Dutch Advocaat.

Another cognac recipe in Henley’s Formulas, Recipes and Processes, “Lemonade for Diabetics”, purports to be “useful for assuaging the thirst of diabetics” and involves only citric acid, glycerine, cognac, and distilled water.